Collect and spend
together, instantly.

We're reimagining everything around spending, starting with shared accounts.

Pool together
money in groups.

Organize events & parties, collect money for rent, plan a vacation, and everything in-between.

Goodbye wallet.
Hello phone.

Instantly generate unlimited 16-digit virtual card numbers. Use them online or offline with Apple Pay & Google Pay. Create for one-time purchases or ongoing expenses.

Centralize controls.
Decentralize spending.

You and members of your group see who’s contributed, control where money is spent (timing, location and amount), and get notified when money is spent.

Spend with Switch.
Get rewarded.

Get cashback when you spend with Switch. No coupons. No codes. No gimmicks.

And best of all.
It's free.

How? We make money from the interchange paid by merchants (when you use any Switch Visa card). Simple right?

What do users have
‍‍to say about us?

Blake Sloane

University of Arizona

“Switch has fundamentally transformed the way my friends manage our finances. The app is quick to use, intuitive, and makes collecting money from both small and large groups of people incredibly easy.”

Kevin Sweeney

University of Alabama

“Switch is hands down the most convenient and useful app out there for collecting money between friends, colleagues, and anything in between. There has been a definite need for an app like this, and Switch’s user-friendly interface makes it easy!"

Ally Michelle

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

“My friends and I have been using Switch to collect for T-shirts. It’s AMAZING!!! Seriously. We had goals for payments to be in by a specific time. Since everyone could see who had made a payment, everyone was assisting me with collecting the money. I LOVE Switch!!!!”

Danny Goldman

University of Florida

“My friends and I have been using Switch few a few months now. I can’t express how amazing it is. I’ve created groups for my fraternity, my roommates, and even a weekend road trip I took with friends. It’s nice because I always know where I stand with collections and everyone helps out more since they can see who’s paid and who hasn’t."

Rebecca M.

Los Angeles

“I’ve been using Switch for my HOA. I’m able to collect from all the tenants. It’s amazing not having to rely and wait on checks every month.”

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