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together, instantly.

Organize events and parties, pay your rent, plan a vacation and everything in-between.

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A new way to manage shared expenses.

We’re re-imagining everything around spending money with friends. No more spreadsheets. No physical debit card. Use Switch online or offline. It’s the first app that lets you easily collect and spend money together.  

Pool together money in groups.

No more IOU's or spreadsheets. Keep track of it all together. Comment or react to payments as they come in. Instant notifications keep your groups involved from start to finish.

To get started, simply create a group and add your friends. Request money whenever you have a group expense and watch as the payments roll in.

It's easy to track and manage.

Let us do the math. Request equal amounts, split the total or type in custom amounts.

Putting on an optional event? Maybe a poker game night with friends or a fundraiser for a local charity? Our newest option - Pitch makes it easy to collect for events. Set limits on number of spots available and provide a cutoff date.

Make a mistake? You can edit the amount owed by individuals or add/remove someone after a charge has been sent out.

You're in complete control.

Make purchases right from the group.

Spending money has never been this easy. Within every group, a digital debit card is available to spend from, instantly!

Create one time use cards for spending, or provide group controls over shared accounts.  Lose your card? Freeze it. Create budgets, gather insights - everything you need to spend together.

Cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted and work with Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Switch is free.

We make money from the interchange paid by merchants. This is what allows us to keep Switch free for you.

Coming soon...

Introducing the Switch BLACK card.

The Switch BLACK card rethinks everything you know about a debit card.

Spend directly from any group or your personal balance. Simply choose which account to connect to your debit card before you swipe the card. Even pull money from an ATM. The card is free to use and works everywhere VISA is accepted.

Welcome to a new modern spending experience.


What our users are saying...

“There has been a definite need for an app like this, and Switch’s user-friendly interface makes it easy! ”

University of Alabama

“Since everyone could see who had made a payment, everyone was assisting me with collecting the money. I LOVE Switch!!!!”

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

“Switch has fundamentally transformed the way my friends and fraternity manage finances. .”

University of Arizona
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