Campus Reps


About the program

Switch is an all-in-one payment platform built for the groups in your life. With Switch, you can create a group account for anything- friends going on a road trip, a club raising money for charity, or simply roommates managing their rent. We celebrate the journey of what it is to be coming out of the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown. The roaring ’20s are back, and we’re searching for the next generation of outgoing, active, and highly motivated students to represent Switch on their college campuses.

Roles and responsibilities

Live, know, and use Switch with friends. Engage fellow community members through guerilla activities and events alongside other Campus Reps.

Foster relationships with college organizations, societies, and groups and develop innovative ways to integrate Switch into their spheres.

Represent Switch on all your social media platforms. Drive online engagement across social media.


  • Cash Rewards
  • Merch and Prizes
  • VIP at Switch Events
  • Resume Building
  • Networking Opportunities
  • + Much more!